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Join us at CPHI Philadelphia North America

Here are the TOP FIVE reasons to attend:

1 – Direct Access to New Technology, Materials, and Products
Get hands-on with top products, technologies, and the latest industry innovations and emerging technologies, including manufacturing equipment, cleanroom & sterilization, contract manufacturing, design services, electronic components, medical grade materials, packaging & labeling, 3D printing, testing & QA/QC, and more!

2 – In-Person Discussions with Qualified Suppliers
SSolid partnerships start with real conversations. Meet face-to-face with qualified suppliers and match their capabilities with your needs.

3 – NEW Interactive and Educational Experiences
The popular CPHI conference returns with sessions that offer essential technical training and explore the latest innovations and strategies in medical device design and manufacturing. Also, new presentations at Center Stage and in the Tech Theater, plus guided Innovation Tours round out your CPHI experience.

4 – Networking…and Hand Shakes?!
Before social networking, there was just good old fashioned networking. Firm handshakes and real discussions are alive and well at CPHI North America, CPHI Europe, CPHI India . Meeting with your peers, partners, and even your competition, will help you stay up-to-date on trends in the industry. Plus, the Speed Networking event offers an efficient, structured opportunity to expand your network.

5 – Ideas and Inspiration
You don’t know what you don’t know. Every interaction atCPHI is another chance to find something you didn’t know existed. Plus, with other co-located events, your opportunities for ideas and inspiration are multiplied.