Inhalation Delivery System


unit dose DPI

Multidose DPI

Inhalation Delivery System

Doctor Pack inhalation device produce an aerosol of medication with a significant dose of particles in the so-called respirable range that enters the lower airways. Our devices also minimize local (oropharyngeal) and systemic side-effects of the drug and are simple to use, portable, durable, unobtrusive, and cost effective. Proprietary and customized MDI Actuator with counter is offered. MDI valves are under validation. Mist Spray design is under development. Capsule DPI with Low, Medium and High Resistance are available to suit different formulations. Expertise in Multidose DPI Development and Supply. Customized Design DPI data base is available for faster development.

Product Features

  • PMDI Valve:25 mcl50 mcl 75 mcl
  • DPI-Unit Dose Capsule DPI& Multi Dose DPI

  • Actuators with &withthout Dose Indicators / Counters