NG Spray Devices

Unit/Bi-Dose Nasal Spray Devices

Dual Chamber Nasal Spray System

Squeeze Spray System

Nasal Delivery System

Doctor Pack developed an Innovative Nasal Delivery system designed for enhanced drug absorption, soft actuation, and consistent spray pattern delivery of intra-nasal powder/liquid drug formulations. Beside Multidose Nasal Spray, Special Unit Dose, Bi-Dose and Nasal Spray Powder Device with customized spray characteristics are offered. Customized development are possible at shortest lead time .

Unit/Bi-Dose Nasal Spray Devices

NG Spray Devices

Product Features

  • Metered Dose Nasal Spray Pump: 50 – 140 µl delivery

  • Unit Dose Nasal Spray system, Bi- Dose Nasal Spray System

  • Dual Chamber Nasal Spray System

  • Unit Dose Nasal Spray Powder System
  • Nasal Squeeze Spray Pack:20 ml & 30 ml

  • Nasal Drops Pack –5 ml to 50 ml

  • Nasal Spray Pump Bottle/ Vial:10 ml, 15 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml Screw On neck bottle. 5,10, 15 ml snap on /crimp on Vial.