Implant Syringe Device

Auto Injector with Safety System

PFS with Anti-stick Safety Device


Parenteral Delivery Devices

Parenteral Drugs are administered directly into the IV, IM & Subcutaneous. Doctor Pack’s Parenteral Devices complies to ISO 11608-1:2000 and are user friendly, ideal for self-injection with anti-stick protection system. Our Parenteral Packaging are of high barrier, free from microbial contamination & have high purity.

Product Features

  • COP/COC/HDPE / PP Vial: 5ml, 10ml & 15ml – ISO 8362-1 specification
  • Auto-Injector with Anti-stick needle Protection System
  • COC/COP Prefill Syringe – 05 ml, 1ml, 2.25 ml , 5 ml & 10 ml

  • Needle Safe Device

  • Implant Devicewith Anti-stick Protection