Working at Doctor Pack

Doctor Pack operates in a highly innovative and dynamic industry segment. Our employees are the most important asset and have a significant impact on the success of Doctor Pack. We strive to keep our employees satisfied and to give them a sense of identity with Doctor Pack. Successfully as confirmed by the large number of longstanding employees and a very low annual personnel fluctuation rate of less than four percent.

At Doctor Pack we do everything to make job content and working conditions as attractive as possible for our employees. Cooperative human resources management based on personal empowerment, along with excellent prospects for development, are key factors for employee satisfaction that make Doctor Pack stand out as an attractive employer.

Just a few clicks to the next step in your career

Doctor Pack has a variety of different professions available for you: Doctor Pack offers apprentices, students, job beginners as well as experienced professionals an interesting work environment, ranging from development and production, through to marketing and quality assurance. Take the next step in your professional career.

Success thanks to goal-oriented and satisfied employees

  • Are you open-minded and inquisitive?
  • Do you perceive changes as opportunities?
  • Do you enjoy increasing your horizons daily?
  • Do you value personal freedom and are you looking for self-responsibility?
  • Are you aware that the only way to achieve ambitious goals is by working together?

Then you are just the person who will experience success and satisfaction at Doctor Pack.